Shifting Gravel

By Four Men And A Dog

  1. Another Irish Rover
  2. The Morning Nightcap
  3. Work Together
  4. Lafferty’s
    The Shores Of Lough Graney
  5. Joh
  6. John McKenna’s
    The Newmarket
    The Lakes Of Sligo
  7. I’m Walkin’
  8. The Mountain Road
    The Humours Of Westport
    St. Andrew’s
  9. Struggle On
  10. Micho Russell’s
    Sporting Nell
    Throw Away The Keys
  11. Where Has My Lady Gone ?
  12. The Old Favourite
    Scattery Island

Three comments

Last track - Kilfenora - links to the wrong tune. It should link to ‘Kilfenora Sexy’, otherwise known as The Old Favourite.

And Skattery Island is here - under ‘Scattery Island’!!!