Bad Turns And Horse-Shoe Bends

By Harry Bradley

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Get this one too!

I was introduced to Harry Bradley’s playing through his “As I Carelesslly Did Stray” CD
This (Horse-Shoe) is an earlier CD. I have to say, it’s just as good as the second one. Harry displays his incredible technique on D, Eb and F flutes, plus marching band flutes. The tempos are perfect, and the phrasing and interpretation are flawless. Bought through Custy’s (

Another listen to a great album

I’m writing this as i listen again to Harry Bradley’s album Bad Turns & Horse-Shoe Bends (Belfast 1999, Outlet Records), and a couple things come to mind:

(1) Damn! 🙂

(2) So *this* is the flute? Interesting instrument, i should learn it someday (i wonder what i’ve been playing for the last 25 years).

No kidding, this album is this good! I’m impressed, among other things, with the Bodhran player (Seamus O’Kane). He sounds pretty low pitched to me, but then i don’t know much about bodhrans, so i don’t know if he’s playing an oversized drum or not. The thing is, he can get so many different sounds out of that dead goat, it’s like he’s playing a melodic instrument. Check out, for example, the Belfast march. The drumming never ever gets boring.

Harry plays the usual array of flutes in different keys and marching band flutes. Beautiful playing, Harry, i hope you make a lot more albums.

Seamus O’Kane

Seamus is one of the best bodhrán players I’ve heard, he is not flash at all and has a way of producing a lovely tone and bounce. He is well known as a bodhrán maker which probably explains why he is so good

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Seamus O’Kane

If you love his bodhran playing, you should also get a copy of Marcas Ó Murchú’s “Ó Bhéal Go Béal”: He appears on many tracks of the generously long recording.

Harry Bradley 1st CD on iTunes !!!

This CD is extremely difficult to find these days. I only discovered last week that all tracks can be downloaded through “iTunes”, so thought it worth mentioning here.
Just hope that Harry knows about it !

David graham

Hi guys, is David Graham playing bouzouki on this album and is he a maker of guitars/bouzoukis. the reason I ask is that I see a bouzouki for sale that was made by him and might purchase, but I can’t find any info on him.
Don’t know if it’s the same guy. Any info would be of help.


Re: Bad Turns And Horse-Shoe Bends

I sincerely hope Harry’s getting some money from this, but this entire recording - still my favourite Irish flute recording ever - can now be downloaded through “iTunes” for £3.99.

Re: Bad Turns And Horse-Shoe Bends

Definitely one of the top flute albums in my collection.

Re: Bad Turns And Horse-Shoe Bends

“Sligo Reel” - first reel on track #9, is the second of 2 reels on track #2 of “The Powelsborough Lassies” by Sligo flute and fiddle player James Murray. They are listed as “Murray’s One and Two”. “Teada” recorded the first as “James Murray’s” and say that he composed it, so it is perhaps safe to assume that he composed this one as well.

Re: Bad Turns And Horse-Shoe Bends

Still downloadable through “iTunes” for £3.99.