Take ‘er Johnson

By Buddy Wasisname And The Other Fellers

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  1. Make ‘n’ Break
  2. Ladies In The Center
  3. Homeward Bound
  4. Take The Old Squeezebox
  5. Fisherman’s Favourite
  6. The Hillside In September
  7. My Only Sweetheart
  8. Girl I Left Behind Me
    Down Among The Rushes O
  9. Uncle Tim’s Two Stepper
    Rock The Rodney
  10. Flowers Of Strabane
  11. An Islander’s Lament
  12. Little Silver Curl
    Dan Malone
  13. Left Handed
  14. Joys Of Quebec
  15. Lake Saint John
  16. Pop The Rivets
  17. Woodchopper’s Breakdown
  18. Cork
    Boys Of Blue Hill
  19. Leaving Your Love
  20. Jessie Collins’ Slipaway
  21. Why Not Johnny?
    Phil Murphy’s
  22. Blarney Stone
    Somewhere In Ireland