Celtic Grooves

By Rob Crabtree, Brian Taheny, Loretto Reid, Casadh An Tsugain

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  1. Tall Trees, Long Shadows
  2. Toss The Feathers
  3. The Mason’s Apron
  4. The Pigeon On The Gate
  5. Breton Air, Gavotte & Jig
  6. Scotland The Brave
  7. The Burning Bench
  8. Sporting Paddy
  9. Morning Has Broken
    The Monaghan

Two comments

Celtic Grooves

Picked this up in a little shop off one of those "playing" CD stands. Heard the samples and knew I would love the CD. Fiddle, pipes, banjo, this CD has quite the mix; long intros with driving beats and cool twists and creative mixes. Put on the earphones, pump up the volume, play along to the popular tracks…or just get up and dance!

Re: Celtic Grooves

Put on the earphones is right! I really like Rob Crabtree’s music: he has a bunch of solo albums as well.
Just a couple edits I made:
Track 5: Full title is "Breton Air, Gavotte and Jig", but is only actually the gavotte… he has the air and jig in one of his other albums along with the gavotte. I like this one a bit better actually, as the whole song is the gavotte and its variations.
Track 9, "Morning Has Broken" should actually link to the jig "Lark in the Morning" so I fixed that.