O’Malley’s Music

By Various Artists

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  1. Corny Is Coming
    My Heart
    St. James Polka #3
  2. Miss Mary Connelly
    Banjo Breakdown
    The Glasgow City Police Pipe Band
  3. Lord Franklin
  4. My Darling Asleep
    Miller’s Maggot
    The Smiling Bride
  5. King
  6. Hooray
  7. Far Away In Australia
  8. Two Feathers On The Steel Bridge
  9. The Glories Of Spring
    Paddy Fahy’s
  10. Hands Of A Farmer
    Vanha H
  11. Kilfenora
    The Cliffs Of Moher
  12. Current Of Life
  13. Coleman’s March
  14. St

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Introduction to O’Malley’s Music

This is a cd which presents many performers from the small but enthusiastic Irish music scene in Finland.
The publisher of this cd is the first Irish pub in Finland, O’Malley’s pub in Helsinki. You can check out O’Malley’s at http://www.aktivist.fi/omalleys
A fair share of the stuff on this recording is Irish trad. tunes but there are also plenty of songs.
If you have questions about it you can email me.

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Good Stuff!!!

What a great thing you posted this here, Matti!
When recording this, hilarity ensued, if my memory serves me right! Have a good time in Reykjavik and give my best regards to the bull you named after me!

Hope to play with you soon either here in Helsinki or in Reykajvik! Have a nice one!