Northern Lights

By Kevin And Seamus Glackin

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  1. Reavy’s
    Sweeney’s Buttermilk
  2. The Galway
    The Golden Eagle
  3. King Of The Pipers
    King Of The Pipers
  4. Lament For Glencoe
    Stirling Castle
    Miss Ramsey’s
  5. The Glen Road To Carrick
    Gate House Maid
  6. Gallowglass
    The Scartaglen
  7. Scott Skinner’s
  8. Eddie Kelly’s
    Paddy Fahey’s
  9. Andy McGann’s
    Calloran’s Retreat
  10. Ballykeale
    The Munster
    The Mooncoyne
  11. Brearton’s
  12. Blacksmith’s Fancy
    The Maids Of Castlebar

Ten comments

Hoist by my own…etc

well,i checked and it’s big helpings of humble pie for me…(see my post of 212/8/02 in this section!)
this is one of my favourite albums but i have big reservations about some of the backing in this one - i’ve never been a great fan of that ‘choppy’ style of guitar playing which is evident in some of the tracks here.
suffice to say that i like this stlye of fiddle playing as well as the clare stuff!
but you should try to listen to this one if you have n’t already.

this will teach me not to post after drops of the not so pure stuff…

Backing Guitar

In contyradistinction to ‘biggus dave’s’ taste I DO like this style of accompaniment. It manages to be both percussive and harmonically supportive of the melodies. I’m a big fan of both Paul Brady’s and Arty McGlynn’s styles of accompaniment too.

Á propos: does anyone know who IS playing the guitar on this album?

Guitar: Steve Cooney; Piano: Noirin O’Donoghue

fair enough.patchsong,if that’s your cup of tea,

Zina- thanks for linking the tunes.

Track 9: Andy McGann’s Hornpipe/Calloran’s Retreat

In case anyone is wondering, it seems they are better known as The Tailor’s Twist and Flaherty’s Hornpipe, respectively. They are both on the Andy McGann/Paul Reynolds Duet album (as is Callanan’s Retreat), and that may be the source of the apparent confusion over names. But then again, what’s in a name?

Na Saighneáin

That’s the Irish title for this album, in case someone’s doing a search on the CD by Kevin ‘agus’ Seámus…

Na Saighneáin..

…a word with different undertones, like flashes of inspiration or energy perhaps… Not quite like the cold or subdued ‘Northern’ artificial aurora borealis the blue cover of the album seems to suggest. One of the warmest duos on record!

Re: Northern Lights

For what it’s worth:
The tune listed as Reavey’s is known as Redican’s. As far as I know it wasn’t written by Reavey, but by Larry Redican himself: AKA “The Galway.”
Brerton’s is a tune written by Martin Mulhaire. He originally named it after his girlfriend, Carmel O‘Mahoney. When he married her the tune became Carmel O’Mahoney Mulhaire’s.
Such is the stuff of legend….