Shades Of Ireland

By The Mulligans

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"Shades Of Ireland" - "The Mulligans"

This is one of those CDs which you come across in charity shops or shops which sell "remaindered/surplus" stock for £2 or less. That’s usually all they are worth, but this one is a bit better than most. There’s some very good accordion playing, the banjo is a bit mechanical for my taste, and the flute-playing is OK, but the recording of it very poor .
There is no information whatsoever about who "The Mulligans" are - I would be interested to find out if anyone knows. Very good for a beginner building up a session repertoire. The accordion solo of "The Bonny Bunch Of Roses" is very good.
I’ve taken the liberty of changing a few tune titles from the insert track listings, and there are 3 or 4 titles there which definitely have more common names, and I will change when I remember them.

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I think they were/are a Dublin family, but without connection to the Leitrim Mulligans.

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