A Crowd Of Bold Sharemen

By A Crowd Of Bold Sharemen

  1. The Sealer’s Ball
  2. Blow The Wind Westerly
  3. Payne’s Choice
    Old Boney
    The Bluebird
  4. The Gay Gunners
  5. When We Were Boys
  6. Hound’s Tune
    Four Sisters
    Susannah Perry’s
  7. Captains And Ships
  8. Where Do The Capelin Go?
  9. Feller From Fortune
    Auntie Mary
  10. And A Crowd Of Bold Sharemen
  11. Mik’maq Square Dance Tune
    Off Go Those St. John’s Girls
    Stan Pickett’s Tune

Two comments

This band represents some of the finest in Newfoundland traditional song and instrumental music. The line up on the recording was
Colin Carrigan: Fiddle, Vocal
Fergus O’Byrne: Bodhran, Banjo, Concertina, Vocal
Jim Payne: Guitar, 4-Stop Accordions, Mandolin, Vocal
Gerry Strong: Whistles, Flute, Vocal
Graham Wells: 2-Row Accordion, Bodhran, Vocal.

Graham and Colin are no longer with the group. Daniel Payne (fiddle, accordion, whistles, vocals) now performs with them.

This is very possibly my favorite album with both songs and tunes on it. Fantastic stuff.

Wish the current line-up would record an album, too!