Stories And Strangers

By Dave Penny

  1. The Ballad Of The Elm Spanworm
  2. In The Outer Ring
  3. Tickle Cove Pond
  4. On The Way To New Orleans
    Little Beggarman
    The Gypsy
  5. Joey Clement’s
    John Joe Pidgeon’s
    Who Stole The Miner’s Hat?
  6. The Logger’s Strike
  7. Larry O’Gaff
    Abe Chambers
    Little Joe Palliser’s Old Jig #2
    Idle Road
  8. The Antis Of Plate Cove
  9. Rusty Old Barber
  10. Whitbourne Wedding
    Newman’s Sound Turnoff
    The Stranger
  11. Baz

One comment

Good solid tunes, some nice traditional songs as well, but the real standouts here are Penny’s two original comic songs in the traditional style, “The Ballad Of The Elm Spanworm” and “Baz”.