The Jig Is Up

By The Plankerdown Band

  1. Coming From The Races
  2. Clyde Well’s Dream
    Meech Lake Breakdown
  3. How Swede It Is
  4. El Carite
  5. Sydney Pittman’s Tune
    Skipper Lost His Guernsey
    Pussycat Up In The Plum Tree
  6. Father’s
  7. Waiting For Supper
  8. Bridget And The Breton
  9. Velvet In The Wind
  10. Free Payne’s Tune
    Free Payne’s Too
  11. The Ships Are Sailing

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Plankerdown - The Jig Is Up

Album info:

Track 1: The Jig is Up. Two untitled dance tunes from Placentia Bay
that Frank learned from his mother, Bridget. who learned them from a
Mrs. Betsy Hawco. Traditional. Rich, deep accordion sounds.

Track 2: Clyde Wells’ Dream/The Meech Lake Breakdown are two reels
composed by Emile Benoit (1913-1992), written in the midst of Canada’s
constitutional crisis; a musical comment on our failure to agree.

Track 3: How Swede It Is. Two traditional Swedish polskas (*not
polkas*) that Kelly learned during a 1981 tour of Sweden. Concertina.

Track 4: El Carite. A traditional waltz tune from Venezuela, learned
from an album called "Flute Music of the Andes". Interesting, sort of
jazzy middle section.

Track 5: Skipper Sidney’s Pussycat. Three tunes: "Sidney Pittman’s
Tune" and "Skipper Lost his Guernsey", both learned from Rufus Guinchard
(1899-1990), and "Pussycat Up in the Plum Tree". Great music for trad
square dancing.

Track 6: Father’s Jig. Learned from Rufus Guinchard, who learned it from
his father. I first heard this performed at our annual folk festival,
when it was dedicated to Noel Dinn who was often called "Father Dinn".
It’s played as a slow air and as a jig, and was most appropriate for the

Track 7: Waiting for Supper. Three original tunes. The first, "Fire,"
was composed by George Morgan on the occasion of the 1992 mid-winter
fire on Harvey Road in St. John’s. "Waiting for Supper" was written by
Don Walsh, inspired by his hunger, and "A Brew of Tea" by Kelly was
inspired by his thirst. (Hey, *I* didn’t write that; he did.)

Track 8: Bridget and the Breton (trad). Two tunes. "Bridget Cruise" by
the Irish harper Turlough O’Carolan, and a drinking song from Brittany,
France, brought here by visiting musician Gilles Valentin.

Track 9: Velvet in the Wind/Le Velours dans le Vent, composed by Emile
Benoit, followed by another Swedish polska, title unknown.

Track 10: Free Payne. My favorite; composed of two tunes that Rufus
Guinchard learned from a man named Freeman Payne, called "Free Payne’s"
and "Free Payne’s Two"…or II … or Too.

Track 11: The Ships are Sailing. Traditional Irish reel on which the
group is joined by Neil Bishop on electric guitar.