Three Colours Ginger

By Brongaene Griffin With Gerry O’Beirne And Kevin Burke

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Four comments

What I know about the recording

Brongaene is a student of Kevin Burke’s. Kevin is also on the album reading cat poetry and playing duo fiddles on tracks 4 and 7. It was produced and accompanied by Gerry O’Beirne. Also on the album are Johnny B. Connolly, Nancy Conescu, Bob Soper, Jim Chapman and Elizabeth Nicholson. Some of the proceeds from the album go to cat rescue organizations.

Great album!

This is a superb album, long in the making but well worth the wait! Simply lovely arrangements, and the cat poetry as read by Kevin Burke fits well with the theme of the project. A very enjoyable listen!

Well done!

Great CD - really nice playing, fantastic production and nice tunes too. There are a few originals from Gian Marco amongst the several tunes attributed to!

Just had a listen to this delightful album. Lovely settings and arrangements and musicianship throughout. She’s definitely a student of Kevin Burke’s and her playing is very much influenced by him - in all the best ways.

Kevin Burke guests - reading poems about cats! Which lends a fun extra dimension to this record.

Kevin Burke fans will enjoy this record… and it makes a fine gift for the cat lover in your life.