Turning Of The Tide

By Fresh Fish

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Credits et al.

Jessica’s : Mick Hanley, Tour of Scotland: Randy Miller, Ashokan’s Farewell: Danny Noveck, Flight of Wild Geese: Ed Reavy, Kerry’s Waltz: Dirk Powell, Turning of the Tide: Maire Bhreatnach.

Quite the lineup here: Kerry Elkin (fiddle), Gordon Peery (piano), Danny Noveck (fiddle, tenor banjo, guitar, mandolin, dumbek, congas) Dirk Powell(bass, 5-string banjo, electric guitar) David Surette (guitar, mandolin, octave mandolin), Ruthie Dornfeld (harmony fiddle).
From the liner notes: The FISH pay dance music that combines the melodic influence of Irish sessions with a rhythm section influenced by many different sources, not the least of which is years of playing for dancers.

If you find this CD, grab it. it’s pure gold. I believe it came out in the early 90s.