An Unfair Dance

By Ceolbeg

  1. Zito The Bubbleman
  2. Galicia Revisted
  3. The Jolly Beggar
    The Man In Black
  4. The Gale Warning
    Dancing Feet
    The Clumsy Lover
  5. The Collier’s Way
  6. Stand Together
  7. Wild West
  8. The Caledonian Society Of London
    The Birmingham Breakdown
    The Old Mountain Road
    An Unfair Dance
    The Eavesdropper
  9. Seton’s Lassie
  10. Farewell To Nigg
    Train Journey North
  11. My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose
    The Mermaid
  12. The Sleeping Tune

Two comments

An Unfair Dance

Ceolbeg’s third release. There are some excellent tracks on the album (love Galicia Revisted). Their sound is acoustic - no electric drive here, a welcome respite sometimes.

Jim Walker - percussion
Gary West - pipes, whistle
Davy Steele - vocals. guitar, bouzouki, bodhran
Colin Matheson - keyboards, guitar, accordion
Peter Boond - flute, whistle, cittern, harmonica
Wendy Stewart - harp, concertina

Re: An Unfair Dance

In the interests of accuracy, “Ceolbeg’s” fourth recording, not third.

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