To The Moon

By Capercaillie

  1. A Nighean Donn
    A Ghealaich
  2. Claire In Heaven
  3. Níl Sí I nGrá
  4. Why Won’t You Touch Me?
  5. You
  6. La Paella Grande
    Hole In The World
    The Collector’s Daughter
  7. The Crooked Mountain
  8. Ailein Duinn
  9. God’s Alibi
  10. Fear-Allabain
  11. Portobello
    The Rob Roy
  12. The Price Of Fire
  13. Eastern

Two comments

To the Moon

A fine album from Capercaillie. The “Collector’s Daughter” is a great tune.

* Karen Matheson - vocals
* Charlie McKerron - Fiddle
* John Saich - Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals
* Manus Lunny - Bouzouki, Guitar, Backing Vocals, Bodhran
* Donald Shaw - Keyboards, Accordion, Backing Vocals

A couple of naff songs, though..