The Twisted Oak

By Elizabeth Clark

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My sister and I found this recording when she wanted to name an original tune The Twisted Oak, but only if the name wasn’t already in use.

Features Elizabeth Zekley (Clark) on hammer dulcimer, flute and whistle; Mark Menzi on cittern; Paul Chaffee, Avis Minger, and Peter Kasin on fiddle; Keith Livingstone on piano accordion; Jackson Guilder on concertina and flute; and Deirdre McCarthy on bodhran.

I don’t suppose…………….?

"Jackson Guilder" - "Jack Gilder" ? The instruments fit, and would I be right in thinking that the players live in the USA ?

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Yep, The Phantom Button himself.

Elizabeth lives in Northern California, where she has been instrumental for many years in organizing the Lark in the Morning Irish music camp.