By Duncan Chisholm

  1. I Horó ‘s Na Hug óro Eile
  2. Camhanaich Air Machair
    Captain Carswell
  3. Craskie
  4. Isaac’s Welcome To The World
  5. The Gentle Light That Wakes Me
  6. Chasing Daylight
  7. Mo Rùn Geal Òg
  8. The Desert Road
  9. Caoineadh Johnny Sheáin Jeaic
    Lorient Mornings
    Illean Aigh
  10. Loch Mullardoch
    The Oblique
  11. Dookin’ For Beetroot
    The Last Mile
  12. Mar A Tha

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I was prompted to submit this on the addition of ‘Loch Mullardoch’. The album (released earlier this year) is the second is Duncan’s Strathglass trilogy, the first being Farrar. There’s great fiddling to be found here, but a step back from the considerable energy of his outfit Wolfstone. I’m not sure what tunes are found in the ‘Exile Reels’ set…
Myspace with samples:

Nominated for MG Scots Alba Album of the Year!

yes if anyone finds out what the exile reels tunes are i’d be glad to hear them. Maybe i will transcribe one or two anyway

The Last Road

I notated the second tune from the ‘Exile Reels’ set but I’m not an ABCer as yet. Midi anyone?

The Last Mile

Woops, I meant the above