The Long Hard Road

By Tom McElvogue And Paddy Kerr

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  1. Master McDermott’s
    Gan Ainm
    Boys Of Ballisadare
  2. Tom McElvogue’s Slip Jig 01
    Gan Ainm
  3. CastleTown Conners
    Tom McElvogue’s Jig In G 09
  4. Peter Wyper’s
  5. Tom McElvogue’s Jig In G 01
    Tom McElvogue’s Jig In D 10
  6. Charlie Mulvihill’s
    The Man Of The House
    Mullingar Lea
  7. The Old Walls Of Liscaroll
  8. Baltic Rocks
    John Brennan From Sligo
  9. Colonel Frazer
  10. The Gallowglass
    Tom McElvogue’s Jig In Emin 02
    Tom McElvogue’s Jig In Amaj 04
  11. An Cailin Rua
    The Peeler’s Jacket
  12. The Chattering Magpie
    Pidgeon On The Gate
    Gan Ainm
  13. The Golden Eagle
    The Mathematician
  14. Thrush In The Storm
    Jackie Daly’s
    The Watchmaker

Nine comments

Great recording. What wonderfull playing!

Worth the wait

Exceptional flute playing on this recording, withheld from the world for too long until now … Particularly masterful on the Wilkes Bflat, which sounds ethereal. And great backing. The compositions are establishing well, could do with some more reels on the next one.. rumour has it the website’s being updated to allow easier access. Highly recommended.

A quick update…..

I’ve just updated my website with a few more compositions, a few more out-takes and some background to the CD for anyone interested. I have now removed almost all flash from the website and would be keen to hear if there are any issues/bugs that I may have missed.

The website is now a single-page site and as such I’m going to leave the older pages for compositions and outtakes etc for the time being however they can all be accessed from the main page. Please feel free to let me know any bugs or problems accessing the site as the update was intended to make it easier to get around.

Tom McElvogue
tom (at)

Official Launch

Hi Just a quick note to say that the official launch of the CD is happening on Sunday 30th January, upstairs in the Oliver St John Gogarty pub, Temple Bar, Dublin. The launch will feature music from myself (Tom) and Paddy and a number of special guests. Everyone welcome, no cover charge.

Tom McElvogue


Just a quick note, website updated with photographs of the launch and also additional review added from The Scotsman newspaper in Scotland (funnily enough!). Also, if anyone wants a CD for free, check out the competition for February on the “Grace Notes” page on Lyric FM. They are giving away 5 copies in their competition this month (

Tom McElvogue

Digital Downloads now Available, website updates

Hi all,
just a quick update to mention that the CD which was released some time ago is now available on iTunes, Amazon etc for digital download. The price is probably much more reasonable ($10ish) for many people out there so feel free to check it out and also if buying from an online retailer please leave a rating etc as it no doubt helps (unless of course you don’t like it!). I’d like to thank A-Train distribution in Oakland for setting this up for me.

I’ve also uploaded sheet music for almost all of the tracks. These are available on my website at under the music page as a pdf. I haven’t included any of the tunes which were composed by other artists as I didn’t want to infringe on their rights! I was originally going to make a book out of the tunes however I decided that in the current climate it didn’t feel right. Also, many people have freely given their time and music to me over the course of my learnings and continue to do so and in that spirit I thought it would not be the thing to do. I tried to notate the tunes as they were played however I am sure that I missed some of the twists and turns so I apologise for that.

Lastly, I updated the compositions section with some recent and different work which I have enjoyed doing and was keen to share. It is mostly music composed for my eldest son’s wedding last month in a classical vein however one piece does include “The South Wind” albeit in a classical setting. I hope you enjoy it.

Kind Regards,
Tom McElvogue

absolutely magic, incredibly driving, mighty music. The best CD i’ve heard in years. Music with some huge balls.