Raining Up

By Mairead Nesbitt

  1. Skidoo
  2. Raining Up
  3. Bovaglie’s Plaid
  4. Finan’s Isle
  5. The Setting Sun
  6. The Butterfly
  7. There Is No Night
  8. Captain H
  9. An Raibh Tu Ag An Gcarraig?
  10. Smash The Windows
  11. Bluelights
  12. Within The Blue Suite: 1st Movement
  13. 2nd Movement
  14. 3rd Movement

Four comments

Raining up

I quite liked this album though much of it has a less than traditional feel to it - over-arranged. But most of it is tasteful and upbeat. I think the album would have been better if she had left out the singing.

Wrong links.

"The Butterfly" is not the slip-jig associated with Tommy Potts, and made famous by the "Bothy Band".
"Smash The Windows" links to the well-known jig, but is actually the reel which shares the same name.

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Dead right, Kenny. ‘The Butterfly’ here is the one written by Liz Carroll.