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Name That Tune! on Dervish DecadeCD?

Unless I am blind , Dervish doesn’t seem to name the tunes in their sets on their liner notes. I’m wanting to know what the names of the tunes are on the Kilavil and World’s End sets on their Decade CD. Anyone know?

“Best Of” album covering their first decade.

This is my favorite Dervish album during a period at their prime. The well planned, tight arrangements are there. The two and three person team work sections are there. The Octave Mandolin, 12 string guitar and Bouzouki intricate tapestries are there. Cathy’s beautiful voice is there. These are tracks recorded in the studio and of better quality than “Live In Palma.”

I would also recommend their DVD. They also have some of these tunes on their new DVD, a session recorded at the Sibin pub in County Sligo.

Name that Tune No. 2

I have the same problem. It´s a bit annoying when you by a CD, play along and have no idea how to call the tune you worked on hard.
The only way to get an answer is to search via ABC, but thats a bit too much work for me, as I am not well trained in that special notation form…

World’s end set

Three tunes: World’s end (named after a pub in London, but I don’t know who’s author) / Tommy Peoples’ reel / Mountain road

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Writers of ‘The World’s End’

This tune was written by Liam Kelly and Martin McGinley, and appears on the ‘Boys of Sligo’ CD (McGinley was the fiddler on that CD).

Kilavill Set

the third one is Matt Hayes Jig (or Paddy Fahy’s.) Not sure about the 2nd one.