By Ossian

  1. The Corncrake
    I Hae A Wife O Ma Ain
  2. Sitting In The Stern Of A Boat (Mi ´M Shuidh´ An Deireadh Bàta)
  3. Ma Rovin Eye
  4. Ó Mo Dhùthaich (Oh My Country)
    Ossian’s Lament
  5. The 72nd Highlanders Farewell Tae Aberdeen
    The Favourite Dram
  6. Ae Fond Kiss
  7. Brose And Butter
    The Monaghan
    Jackson’s Bottle Of Brandy
  8. The Music Of Spey
  9. Let Me In This Ae Nicht
  10. Spootaskerry
    The Willow Kishie
    Simon’s Wart
  11. Oidhche Mhath Leibh (Goodnight To You)

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