Drivin’ Leitrim Timber

By Dave Sheridan

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Drivin’ Leitrim Timber

Other musicians on the album:-
Michael McCague (Bouzouki and Guitar)
Brian McGrath (Piano)
Neill Lyons (Bodhrán)
Kevin Doherty (Double Bass)
Rick Epping (Harmonica and Jew’s Harp
Hugh Sullivan (Bodhrán)

Best cd of the year!!
and to be found in many cars, refusing to be shelved. I agree with Kenny’s comment on the earlier album that this puts him at the top, I’d say top three or two or…
(the earlier one seems to take some time to arrive??)
track 2 first tune is A Smile from Sile by Charlie Lennon https://thesession.org/tunes/10350
well very nearly, and this genious deserves licence…

Not quite “best CD of the year”…………..

…… unless you’re speaking about the year 2010.
If you look above, “Feidhlim” posted it in October last year. 🙂