Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part

By Peter McAlinden

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Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part

This has just been released and is available directly from Peter McAlinden (petermcalinden@hotmail.com - link cited with permission) or via Copperplate (http://www.copperplatemailorder.com) and Karen Tweed (http://www,karentweed.com). It also features Pete Quinn.

It also has a very informative booklet (something I find irritatingly lacking in a lot of new releases) explaining why every set of tunes has a special significance. All the tunes are played on a Generation - more proof of just how much can be done with one by someone with immense skill. Now that he’s finally made a recording, I hope he won’t stop at one!

Molloy’s on track 2 is a jig, though it has linked to a reel here. The same applies to Tom McElvogue’s on track 7 , both tunes on track 12 and Conway’s on track 17.

Finally, thank you to david_h, whose post on Chiff and Fipple set me off in search of this - I’m very grateful, this is a really excellent CD.