By Hanneke Cassel

  1. The Night We Reversed The Curse
    Mrs. Stewart Of Garth
    The Union Street Session
  2. The Glass Case Of Emotion
    Sweet Grandmother’s Spatula
  3. Leaving JP
  4. Tennesse Quick Cash
  5. Disconnect
    Waiting For The Dawn
  6. Jasmine Flower
  7. Miss Drummond Of Perth’s Favorite Scotch Measure
  8. Miss Gordon Fochaber’s
    The SHISSF Kangaroo
    The Raivlin
  9. Tha Mi Tinn Leis a’ Ghaol
  10. Silver
  11. The Cypress
    Le Jig à Ti-Toine

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Re: Silver

Hanneke Cassel: Fiddle, Piano
Rushad Eggleston: Cello
Casey Driessen: 5-String Fiddle
Christopher Lewis: Guitar
Keith Murphy: Guitar
Jake Armerding: Mandolin
Ariel Friedman: Cello
Dave Wiesler: Piano
Ryan McKasson: Viola
Jeremy Kittel: Fiddle
Aoife O’Donovan: Vocals