Line Up

By Ian Stephenson

  1. Trip To Miriam’s
    Back To Belfast
    Castlerock Road
  2. The Lost Keys
  3. Wild And Wicked Youth
  4. Twilight
  5. Centenary Pack
    Gan Ainm
  6. Coming Home
  7. The Black Trail
  8. Snow It Melts The Soonest
  9. The E Flat Tune
  10. Return From Helsinki
  11. Emily Ball’s Trip To Litton
    Walking On Water
  12. Farewell

Three comments

Line Up

Here’s the blurb from his website: (
"Since winning the BBC Young Folk Award back in 1999 with “422”, 28 year old Guitarist and Multi-instrumentalist Ian Stephenson has been slowly rising to prominence in the folk scene, recording 4 albums with “422”, 2 albums with Kathryn Tickell Band, 2 with his UK-Scandinavian group Baltic Crossing and dozens more with other artists including an appearance on a multi-platinum pop album (Will Martin’s New World), and working as a record producer (Alistair Anderson’s Islands) and a composer/arranger (Helene Boksle’s Norwegian Grammy-Nominated Morild).
Nowadays he can be seen performing with Brian Finnegan & Aidan O’Rourke’s new celtic supergroup “KAN” all over the UK, and with Baltic Crossing for their forthcoming European Concert Hall Tour.
Increasingly known as a Composer and Arranger, he has spent the last few months working hard to complete his first solo album, “Line Up” which features some of the UKs finest folk talents alongside musicians from Sweden and Finland, a project which has taken over 8 years to complete."

I’ll write something myself once I’ve had time to listen to it!

Ian Stephenson, “Line Up”

Hell of a talented guy. His air Farewell To Helsinki has got into one of my local sessions and is well heard on one of his website tracks. And I do appreciate it when a musician or band puts whole tracks on a website by way of music samples, and not just brief snippets.

(Sorry, I meant Return From Helsinki - if the poster has entered the tune accurately, which I have no reason to doubt.)