On The Move

By Colin Farrell

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  1. Bonnet Creek
    Sheelin Side
    New Plymouth
  2. Soho South
    Moolah Rouge
  3. Riverton Road
    The Rambling Wreck
    The Drunken Acrobat
  4. The Gateway
    The Apsley Cottage
    The Ballydoyle
  5. The Kerrfree
    Bridge Street
  6. Lough Guitane
  7. The Penine Way
    Joe’s House
    Newbury Park
  8. Canola Road
    Becks Verandah
    Levenshulme Leap
  9. The Square Pint
    Up Mullahoran
    Mary From Menlough
  10. The Old Rogue
    Maher’s Way
  11. One For Danielle
    Dancing Morris
    Moll’s Gap
  12. Garageband

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On the Move

Colin Farrell - fiddle, whistles
Michael McGoldrick - flute, low whistle, mandola, bodhran, dobro
Alan Doherty - flute, low whistle
John Joe Kelly - bodhran
Tony Byrne - guitars
Mike Galvin - guitars, bass, drums, keys, mandolin
Donald Shaw - piano, harmonium, rhodes
Paddy Kerr - bouzouki, bodhran
Ewan Vernal, Andy Sewart - double bass
Jonny Hulme - banjo
Pavinder Bharat - tabla
Neil Yates - trumpet
Adele Farrell - button accordion
Shane Farrell - mandolin

Debut solo album from Gráda fiddler Colin Farrell (not to be confused with the actor of debatable talent). The bulk of the tunes are originals, with the odd traditional thrown into the mix. Tasteful arrangements, good production, nice tunes.


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Joe’s House has gotta be the best tune on this album for me… Love Colin’s tunes, all of them!