Traditional Tunes

By Alistair Anderson

Added by Reedy .
  1. Random Notes
    The Last Of The Twins
  2. Three Brave Loyal Fellows
  3. Farewell To The Creeks
    Me Dearie Sits Ower Late Up
  4. Sheehan’s
    The Dawn
  5. The Strenuous Life
  6. Maggy’s Foot
  7. Lord Huntley’s Cave
  8. Swalwell Lasses
    The Ranting Lads Of Sunderland
  9. Four Bare Legs Together
    Show Me The Way To Wallington
    Why Did You Promise To Marry
  10. Roxburgh Castle
  11. Gillan The Drover
    The Hesleyside
  12. Jenny Bell
    Morpeth Rant
  13. Bill Charlton’s Fancy
  14. If Love Doesn’t Bother You It Doesn’t Bother Me
    The Peacock Followed The Hen
    Small Coals And Little Money
  15. The Chanter’s Tune
    The Musical Priest
    Mill Brae

Three comments

“Alistair Anderson: Traditional Tunes”

Front Hall Records, Voorheesvile, New York, 1976 - FHR-08
Produced by Alistair Anderson & Bill Spence

& the musicians and their instruments are ~

Alistair Anderson - English concertina & Northumbrian smallpipes

Bill Spence - hammered dulcimer, guitar

Toby Fink - piano

As this is free of Alistair’s odd composition efforts, I can recommend it. He ain’t half bad on the English tina and the smallpipes, and there are some nice tunes here…