Off To Dublin With The Liverpool Ceili Band

By The Liverpool Ceili Band

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  1. Christmas Eve
    The Mountain Road
    Glen Allen
  2. Youghal Harbour
  3. Morrison’s
    The Killimor
    The Knights Of St.Patrick
  4. The Centenary
    The Foggy Dew
    Who Fears To Speak Of Ireland ’98
    God Save Ireland
  5. Farewell To Connaught
    The Dublin
    Tom Ward’s Downfall
  6. The Kilfenora
  7. O’Neill’s
    Clan Na H’Eireann
    The Boys Of Wexford
    Off To Dublin In The Green
  8. The Reel Of Rio
    The Wild Irishman
  9. Fallon’s
    Kitty’s Wedding
  10. Bill Hart’s
    Jimmy Ward’s
    Ceolan Mala
  11. The Silver Spear
    Gregg’s Pipes

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Liverpool Ceili Band

1966, on the Decca label
Kit Hodge, Sean McNamara, Eamon Coyne, Charlie Lennon - fiddles
Peadar Finn - flute
Kevin Hugh Finnegan - piano accordion
James Frances Horan - button accordion
Sean Murphy - banjo-mandolin
Peggy Atkins - piano
Albert Cruickshank - drums
A good recording of ceili band music from the mid-1960s.
According to the opinions expressed in the sleeve notes :
“And if by any chance you don’t like it [ ie - the LP ], then you have no claim to be a lover of ceili music at all”.

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“Briantheflute” has pointed out mistakes in the track listing on this record.
Track 10 is listed as 4 jigs, but it’s 3 - I’ve changed the title of the 3rd jig to connect to the tune here in the database.
Track 11 is 3 reels, the first of which is “The Hare’s Paw”, followed by “The Silver Spear” & “Gregg’s Pipes”.
On the LP sleeve, track 11 is 4 jigs, the last of which is “The Hare’s Foot”.

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Last sentence should be “track 10 is 4 jigs…etc”.

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