Wolfstone II

By Wolfstone

Two comments

Wolfstone the second

This is one of Wolfstone’s much earlier albums, along with the eponymous “Wolfstone” itself. The band, however, (espc. founder Duncan Chisholm) has disowned these, feeling that the music doesn’t ring true with what they’re about.
Fair enough, synthesised drums and bass don’t make for the best listening around, but that doesn’t make it bad. The album’s obviously also been limited by the facilities of the recording studio.
That said, the playing’s good and strong, and the chunky guitar hints at what’s to come in later years. There are two songs included, with Dave Foster on vocals. Homeland - their first of many about where the heart lies - and Race With the Devil, a stormy Gun cover. Roll on Unleashed!

Tune hunting

Finally managed to relocate these ancient recordings, hiding on an old Walkman. I find them strangely enjoyable.
Bit of a bally(desmond) nightmare, though solved with a bit of ABCing. Track 3, tune 3 is https://thesession.org/tunes/239. Someone would have a lot of fun sorting all those alternative titles out…