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“The Temple House Ceili Band: Crossroads Céilí”

Chart Label CHCD015

Seamus Glackin - fiddle
Brendan Begley - button accordion
Michael O’Brien - flte
Mary Corcoran - piano
Mick Gaynor - drums

Definitely ceili band and generally good kick, but, like too many ‘ceili bands’, they make a shams of the polkas and slides - rushed, sloppy, awful piano accompaniment hammering it to pulp… 😛

Another Céili at the (?same) Crossroads


and associated comments - same people, same sets, different track order, sometimes a different title.

The copy I’ve got is called River Reel, is dated 1997, has some amusing typos (The Concerting Reel for example), and was extremely cheap.

Thanks SMS, I thought it was already here and did a search before adding it, but came up with nothing. The recording I have has some misprints and odd titles as well as several things without names… I’d chased it up this recording after a chat with Kenny.

Not by Temple House

This isn’t the Temple House (Templehouse) Ceili Band. My copy of the cassette (Distribution by Chart Records, CHCS015) doesn’t make this very clear, and presumably the CD makes it even less clear, but it was just Mary Corcoran (piano) and Mick Gaynor (drums) who were from the Temple House band. The other link was that the recording was arranged and produced by Kieran Hanrahan, banjo player of Temple House and Stockton’s Wing, and the publisher was Templehouse Music.

The cassette notes also have the spellings such as “The Concerting Reel” (surely they meant Disconcerting!)(sorry, that should be Disconcertina). However, the fact that Brendan Begley, Seamus Glackin and Mick O’Brien were happy to record with this rhythm section might signify their appreciation of its effectiveness for ceilidhs etc, even if the treatment of the polkas and slides here may not have been to everyone’s taste (but one might wonder what Begley, in particular, thought of those) …

The Temple House (or Templehouse, it was spelt both ways on their cassette Music For Sets Vol 1, no date on the cassette) was at that time the (whenever that was): Paul Roche (flute), Michael Gaynor (drums), Kieran Hanrahan (banjo), Maureen Fahy (fiddle), Mary Corcoran (piano), Seamus Meehan (piano Accordion).

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Track 11 tune 2

Track 11 tune 2
BTW, although on my cassette liner notes both Track 11 slides are just called “Begley’s Fancy”, whoever called the second tune here The Brosna got it wrong, it’s The Bowna. Have renamed it, and it has re-linked to

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Re: Crossroads Céilí

You’re quite right, “Rover”. If you look carefully at the sleeve of “Crossroads Ceili”, you see that the 3 instrumentalists names are grouped together, and below that, separately, the 2 accompanists have asterisks after their names, linked to “*Templehouse Ceili Band” immediately underneath, indicating that only the latter 2 were members of “TCB”. A minor point, maybe, but “facts are chiels that winna ding”. [ Look it up 🙂 ]

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Re: Crossroads Céilí

🙂 thanks, something else I didnae ken …

For the benefit of others who may not quite get that, may I quote the source and translation as provided at

“The lines ‘But facts are chiels that winna ding,/An downa be disputed’ appear in Burns’ poem A Dream from 1786. The English translation is ‘But facts are fellows that will not be overturned,/And cannot be disputed’. ”

Mind you, it could be a pity that certain people have found easier to tell “alternative facts”, ie tell fecking great lies, rather than dispute facts.

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Re: Crossroads Céilí

Brilliant! Clarification much appreciated. I had always associated Kieran Hanrahan & Paul Roche with “The Templehouse Ceili Band”, those early recordings including for set dancing, and this particular recording had me perplexed. Nothing new there, me being ‘perplexed’… 😏