By Brian Ó hEadhra, Bruce MacGregor & Sandy Brechin

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  1. The Chorus
    The Droving Lads
    The Princes’ Welcome To Inverness
  2. Oganaich Mo Chridhe
  3. John Roy Stuart
    O Tha N Tombaca Daor
    Captain Donald Stewart
  4. Taladh Na Beinne Guirme
  5. Goat Island
    Zito The Bubbleman
    4th Floor
  6. Waltz In Time
    Sir Henri Laphroaig Dinoir Of Cluthiebootle
  7. Mo Chaileag Bhon Eilean
  8. Sometimes It Doesn’t Work
    Skye BBQ
    Farquar’s Rocking Chair
  9. Jewel Of The Ocean
    Montgomery Bell
  10. An-raoir Bha Mi Coiseachd
  11. Source Of The Spey
    Banks Of The Spey
    Neil Gow’s Style
    The Hag At The Churn
  12. Sitting On The Stern Of A Boat
  13. A Chailin Alainn