The Beauties Of Autumn

By The Longridge Ceili Band

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The Beauties Of Autumn

This track listing was kindly provided via the Discussions section by "" member "Taglione" after I made a request. I got a copy of the cassette from eBay, minus the sleeve notes, so he provided the tune titles. Many of the tunes were new to me, and I’m fairly sure not too many of them have been posted here yet.
The Longridge Ceili Band were under the musical direction of flute player and composer John Brady, and I think many of the tunes I didn’t recognise are probably his own compositions. They won the Senior All-Ireland championship on 3 occasions in 1977,1978 and 1982.
The band members on this recording were :
Liam Daly & Eileen Brady [ accordions ]
Attracta Brady, Lelia Brady & Dan Cleary [ fiddles ]
John Brady &Claire Burke [ flutes ]
Breda McDonald [ banjo ]
John Cooney [ piano ]
P.J.Daly [ drums ]

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Track 2

The second tune in track 2 is actually entitled Connie Foley’s and is a composition of Connie Foley (according to the liner notes of the cd)
Composition of John Brady are :
Marches : 3, 13
Jigs : 2-c, 9-a, 9-b, 15-a, 15-b
Hornpipe : 5
Reels : 1-a, 4-a, 7-b, 8-a, 8-b, 14-a, 14-b
Set Dance : 10