Musique Irlandaise - Irish Music

By Broken Pledge

  1. Red Reed
    D’accord Mais Juste Une
  2. Sunday Morning
    Estelle Melody
  3. Mama’s Pet
    The Bunch Of Green Rushes
    The Broken Pledge
  4. Walsh’s
    The Garden Of Butterflies
  5. The First Of June
    The Ballydesmond
    Jenny Lind
  6. Genevieve
    The Cucumber
  7. The Modest Fiddler
    Billy’s Welcome To Cannon Park
  8. The Banks Of The Suir
  9. Vincent Kilduff
    Tatter Jack Walsh
  10. The Concert
    The Bungary
    The King Of The Clan
  11. Down The Broom
    Carmen’s Amber
  12. Clasp Machine
    Back To The Sheepfold
    The Morning
  13. The Bold Trainer-O
  14. Gankio Mimikri Horo

Two comments

Marc Pollier: Uilleann pipes; Christian Maes: accordeon; Christophe Raillard: Piano

“Broken Pledge” is the name of the group. The title of the album is “Musique irlandaise - Irish Music”.

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