Fiddle Masters Of County Antrim

By Davy Rice and Denis Sweeney

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  1. The Star Of Munster
    Miss McLeod’s
  2. The Mist On The Meadow
    Sixpenny Money
  3. The Plains Of Boyle
    The Sunshine
  4. The Tenpenny Bit
    A Health To The Ladies
  5. ’Sé Fáth Mo Bhuartha
  6. Song Medley
  7. The Barmaid
    De’il Among The Tailors
  8. A Job Of Journeywork
  9. Down By The Sally Gardens
    The Hen’s March
  10. Teetotaler
    The Silver Spear
    The Mason’s Apron
  11. The South Wind
    Give Me Your Hand
  12. Up In The Morning Early
    Connie O’Connell’s
  13. Two Fermanagh Waltzes
  14. The Honeysuckle
    Off To California
  15. Napoleon’s Grand March
  16. The Coolin
  17. Egan’s
  18. Walking Tune
  19. Tobin’s Favourite
    Visit To Ireland
    Shandon Bells
  20. Jackie Coleman’s
    Dick Gossip’s
    Red-haired Lass

Three comments

Davy Rice and Denis Sweeney

Davy Rice and Denis Sweeney started out playing together in the students’ céilí band at teacher training college in Belfast. Later founded their own band (Ros na Rí Ceili Band) and played together for years before their musical paths diverged. Denis stayed with céilí and also taught fiddle, while Davy played with folk groups and built fiddles, but their mutual detailed study of the old recordings of Coleman and Gillespie probably influenced their style of playing to this day. Here are 10 tracks from each player, with an eclectic mix of music from Ireland, Scotland and Europe - a celebration of two master fiddlers from County Antrim.

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Sean - if you edit the track listing to remove the tune categories - reels, jigs, etc - it will allow the tune title to link to the sheet music.