The Box I Left Behind Me

By Sean Quinn

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A change of Instrument for Sean Quinn

Sean Quinn has been known for many years for playing the piano-accordion, but he actually started out on the button-box and this album sees his return to the "Box I Left Behind Me". Having acquired two fine Paolo Soprani B/C button accordions, a 4-voice, 9-coupler and a 3-voice, he now plays button-box regularly at sessions in Belfast and in the Glens of Antrim. On this CD he is joined by some of his musical associates in a wide-ranging selection of tunes old and new, including some of his own compositions. Both his button-boxes are played, with backing from piano-accordion, piano, guitar and bass. Contributing musicians include Leo Brown (button-accordion), PJ Hill (Banjo), Joe Martin (Bodhran), George McAvoy (tin whistle), and Dominic McNabb and Denis Sweeney (fiddles). This album is, to some extent, a homage to an older sound and style of the Irish button-accordion dating from the 1950’s and the influence of such icons as Paddy O’Brien and Ciaran Kelly.
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