Popular Céilí Dances Vol 1

By Sean Quinn Band

  1. The Rose Tree
    The Walls Of Limerick
    The Rose Tree (Repeated)
    The Walls Of Limerick (Repeated)
  2. The Siege Of Ennis
  3. The Sweets Of May
  4. The Harvest-time
  5. The Waves Of Tory (Northern Irish Version)
  6. The Siege Of Carrick
  7. The Humours Of Bandon
  8. The Haymakers
  9. The Three Tunes
  10. Trip To The Cottage

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1st Volume of Complete Céilí Dance Music

This is the first recording of music for ceili dances from Glens Music. It is a studio recording featuring the multi-tracked sounds of Sean Quinn (accordions) and the drumming of Seamus McCullough plus bass and keyboard accompaniment. It is of particular interest to dance schools and teachers because the music featured is timed specially for teaching and practising the following dances, based on the guidelines in Ar Rinci Foirne (published by, and available from, The Irish Dancing Commission). The music is also suitable for small groups of dancers in a social setting, where a live band is not available. CD available from www.glensmusic.com or by download from Amazon, iTunes and other music sites.