Warming Up

By Martin Mulhaire, Séamus Connolly and Jack Coen with Felix Dolan

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  1. Imelda Roland’s
    Paddy Kelly’s
    Swinging On A Gate
  2. Sir Phillip McHugh
    Hunting The Hare
    Willie Clancy’s
  3. Martin Mulhaire’s #9
    Grandpa Tommy’s Ceili Band
  4. Gallagher’s Frolics
    Sheila Mulhaire’s
    The Humours Of Ennistymon
  5. The Roving Peddler
  6. The Green Fields Of Woodford
    The Cat’s Rambles
  7. St. Ruth’s Bush
    Jenny’s Wedding
    Buckley’s Fancy
  8. Farewell To Eyrecourt
    The Bridge Of Portumna
  9. Ballinakill Shaskeen
    The Old Copperplate
    The Milliner’s Daughter
  10. The Good Natured Man
    The Fairies’
  11. Laura Mulhaire’s
    Devanny’s Goat
  12. Tony Molloy’s
    The Bow-Legged Tailor
  13. The Boys Of Ballinahinch
    The Mourne Mountains
  14. Darby The Driver
    The Humours Of Ballingarry
  15. Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire
  16. The New Copperplate
    The Silver Spear

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To me, this album is what Irish music is about. Nothing over the top, just a perfect blend of East Galway/ East Clare accordian, fiddle, flute, and piano. The lovely bounce to the music keeps me constantly coming back for more. If you don’t have this recording, get it.

Re: Warming Up

I’m not generally a fan of piano accompaniment, but I think it a shame that Felix Dolan didn’t rate a mention in the title of this recording, as his playing here is highly complimentary to the excellent music played by 3 masters.

Re: Warming Up

’tis done, Kenny. Felix’s name might not be on the front cover, but it is on the back.

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