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Old Decency

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From France………..

"Musique de tradition Irlandaise en France"

I got this CD for a fiver from eBay, and there’s some very fine playing on it indeed. Apart from Ulster singer John Maguire, all the players are French by birth.

Herve Cantal - flute
Denis Kersual - uilleann pipes
Vincent Blin - melodeon
Gerard Tauzin - guitar
J.-Ch. LeQuerre - piano

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Kenny, a couple of weekends ago I was at a small festival in St. Sever, in the Les Landes region of France. We had some great sessions with Denis Kersual (who lives in Toulouse)and Jean Graham and her husband, Yves. I know you know Jean well, and this is just to let you know that she is still playing hammered dulcimer and English concertina, and gets out and about to sessions.


Thanks for letting me know that "murfbox". Always nice to hear news like that and I appreciate it.

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