Seán Ryan CD 1

By Sean Ryan

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  1. Paddy Fahy’s
    The Boys Of The Lough
    Paddy On The Railroad
  2. Tommy Coen’s Reel No. 1
    Tommy Coen’s Reel No. 2
  3. Lord Gordon
  4. The Three Sea Captains
  5. Miss Monaghan
  6. The Gold Ring
  7. Farrell O’Gara
    The Doon
  8. The Wheels Of The World
    Tom Steele
  9. The Leitrim Thrush
  10. Miss Mcleod
    The Wild Irishman
  11. Thomas Ryan’s
  12. O’Beirne’s Delight
  13. The Pigeon On The Gate
  14. The Trip To Durrow
  15. Cosgrove’s
  16. The Flowing Tide
    The Swan
  17. Paddy Taylor’s
  18. The Star Of Munster
  19. Richard Brennan’s
    The Cook In The Kitchen
  20. Crowley’s No. 1
    Crowley’s No. 2
  21. Tell Her I Am
  22. The Bunch Of Keys
    The Girl That Broke My Heart
  23. Andy McGann’s
    The Humours Of Scarriff
  24. Bonnie Kate
    Jenny’s Chickens
  25. Dooney Rock
    Willie Clancy’s
  26. Paddy Kelly’s
    The Pigeon On The Gate
    The Glen Of Aherlow

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Double CD collection - CD1

CD1 - recordings of tunes in the traditional repetoire

1. Paddy Fahy’s Reel, The Boys of the Lough, Paddy on the Railroad (Reels)
2. Tommy Coen’s Reels Nos. 1 + 2 (Reels)
3. Lord Gordon (Reel)
4. The Three Sea Captains (Set Dance)
5. Miss Monaghan (Reel)
6. The Gold Ring (Jig)
7. Farrell O’Gara, The Doon Reel (Reels)
8. The Wheels of the World, Tom Steele (Reels)
9. The Leitrim Thrush (Reel)
10. Miss Mcleod, The Wild Irishman (Reels)
11. Thomas Ryan’s Jig (Jig)
12. O’Beirne’s Delight (Reel)
13. Dinny O’Brien’s version of The Pigeon on the Gate (Reel)
14. The Trip to Dutrow (Reel)
15. Cosgrove’s Reel (Reel)
16. The Flowing Tide, The Swan (Hornpipes)
17. Paddy Taylor’s Jig, Jackson’s Jig (Jigs)
18. The Star of Munster (Reel)
19. Richard Brennan’s, The Cook in the Kitchen (Jigs)
20. Crowley’s Reels Nos 1+ 2 (Reels)
21. Tell Her I Am (Jig)
22. The Bunch of Keys, The Girl that Broke My Heart (Reels)
23. Andy McGann’s, The Humours of Scarriff (Reels)
24. Bonnie Kate, Jenny’s Chickens (Reels)
25. Dooney Rock, Willie Clancy’s Jig (Jig)
26. Paddy Kelly’s Reel, The Pigeon on the Gate, The Glen of Aherlow (Reels)

CD2 - own compositions

1. Maura Connolly’s Reel, The Edendeny Reel (Reels)
2. Dan Cleary’s Favourite (Reel)
3. Trotting Down the Lane (Hornpipe)
4. Seán Redmond’s Hornpipe (Hornpipe)
5. Bill McEvoy’s Reel nos 2+1 (Reels)
6. The Sliabh Bloom March (March)
7. The Castle Jig. McKenna’s Jig (Connolly’s) (Jig)
8. Our Lady’s Bungalow (Reel)
9. The Haymaker (Hornpipe)
10. Light as a Feather (Jig)
11. Sun Splitting the Stones (Reel)
12. The Freehold (Hornpipe)
13. St. Sinneach’s March (March)
14. Interview
15. Pat Lyon’s Reel, Patrick’s Reel (Reels)
16. Martin Cooneys, The Hawthorn Hedge (Jigs)
17. The Cornstack, The Singing Kettle (Reels)
18. Tapping Toes, Fr.Kelly’s Farewell (Jigs)
19. The AbbeyIeix Reel, The Leix County (Reels)
20. Silver Lining (Jig)
21. Twilight in Portroe, Skipping Lambs (Reels)
22. The Rosenallis Reel (Reel)
23. The Rock of Dunamaise (Hornpipe)
24. A Tune for the Road, The Blueball Reel (Reels)
25. The Dash to Portobello (Reel)

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A collection of his own compositions and his versions of well known traditional tunes

A double CD of the fiddle player Seán Ryan (1919-1985) who grew up in the Newport/ Portroe area near Nenagh Co. Tipperary and who learnt his music from his father and other local players like Paddy Kelly. He moved to the midlands Portarlington area in his 20’s and absorbed the music of that region. Seán recorded some albums with P.J.Moloney and Peter Carberry but this collection was gathered together by his wife, Kathleen and son & daughter Brian & Catríona who both carry on the music. They are largely ‘kitchen’ recordings by a Fr.John Quinn who visited Seán many times to capture his music on a reel to reel recorder in the 1960’s. Lovely spirited playing - CD1 is Seán playing well know tunes and CD2 is devoted to a small number of his many compositions.

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I’ve been listening to these a fair bit whilst working on partitioning a room in the house and there’s bloody great music on these recordings.

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Couldn’t agree more Hussar. If anyone needs to hear how the music should sound, they should listen to these CDs. Sean Ryan selects from the wider ITM repetoire including that of some of the greats (Coleman, Killoran etc) on CD1 and plays his own tunes, which seem to fit so well into the tradition, superbly on CD2.

How to find them… Here:

You can order these directly from Sean Ryan’s grandson. His email:

Just fiddle, and it’s wonderful.

Raw fiddle ~ Heaven!!! 🙂

I can’t get enough of this, one of my all time favourite recordings and fiddlers and composers. I love how he pulls a bow.

Re: Seán Ryan CD 1

Does anyone know how I can lay my hands on this 2CD set.? I have emailed the address provided here with no reply. I also tried Custy’s and have had no reply. I would love to own this CD.

Re: Seán Ryan CD 1

“palumbex” - the following was added to the “comments” about this 2-CD set by David Levine :

“You can order these directly from Sean Ryan’s grandson. His email:”

Although it was 5 years ago, that might be your best bet . Good luck.

Re: Seán Ryan CD 1

Thanks Kenny but I have had no answer from that email address when I tried to make contact earlier this week.

Thady, I will drop them an email. I noticed previously that they have it in their catalogue but his website states that they cary very little stock and mostly source CD’s when requested. Thanks for the suggestion and I will post back if I am successful.

Re: Seán Ryan CD 1

“Paddy On The Railroad” - last reel on track #1 is more commonly known as “The Devils Of Dublin”. Title left as is, but link amended.

Re: Seán Ryan CD 1

Palumbex, you might try Custy’s in Ennis, Co. Clare. That’s where I got my copy (though I was there in person), and you’d probably be able to order it online from there. I don’t think you’d need to email them, if you just search his name they should have it in stock. Magnificent album of a magnificent fiddler.