Fisherman’s Blues

By The Waterboys

  1. Fisherman’s Blues
  2. We Will Not Be Lovers
  3. Strange Boat
  4. World Party
  5. Sweet Thing
  6. Jimmy Hickey’s
  7. And A Bang On The Ear
  8. Has Anybody Here Seen Hank
  9. When Will We Be Married
    The Three Little Drummers
  10. When Ye Go Away
    The River Road
  11. Dunford’s Fancy
  12. The Stolen Child
  13. This Land Is Your Land

Six comments

Fisherman’s Blues

The 1988 classic.
Mike Scott, Steve Wickham and Anthony Thistlethwaite wrote most of the tracks on this album, Van Morrisson penned Sweet Thing, W Guthrie, This Land is your land and WB Yeats The Stolen Child.
Not trad then? Track 9 is, and I thought, the very lovely tune by Wickham: Dunford’s Fancy both warrant an entry for this album here. I dusted it recently when the snow and cold played havoc on my pipes (the water ones) and the heating system at home and l looked for something to help warm the atmosphere! That oh so ancient music hasn’t a wrinkle on it.

Perhaps someone will submit Jimmy Hickey’s Waltz?

Track 10…

… includes a reel, “River Road reel”, composed and played by Charlie Lennon. Paradoxically, although “Fisherman’s Blues” very probably sold more than any of Charlie’s solo recordings [ and probably any other LP / CD including his compositions ], this is maybe one of his least-known, or least-played tunes. Shame, because it’s a good ’un, - I may need to come back to posting tunes, because I would love to hear it become popular. Did he ever publish it ?

Re: Fisherman’s Blues

Jeremy added River Road a month ago.
I added the name to the list of tracks so it shows up as a link.