The Phantom Shadows of a Connaught Firelight (1 of 3)

By Seamus Tansey

  1. The Blackberry Blossom
    The Flax In Bloom
  2. Narration
  3. Saddle The Pony
    The Dance Of The Dead
  4. Narration
  5. Mountain Top
    The Street Player
  6. The Old House
  7. Narration
  8. Sonny Brogan’s
    Mrs Kenny’s
  9. The Wearing Of The Green
  10. Fasten The Legging
    The Kid On The Mountain
  11. The Wearing Of The Green
  12. Narration
  13. The Wearing Of The Green
  14. Poem
  15. The Copper Plate
  16. Jim Gannon’s
  17. The Frost Is All Over
    The Sally Gardens

Three comments

The Phantom Shadows Of A Connaught Fire

“The Phantom Shadows of a Connaught Fire”, Seamus Tansey’s three CD album, almost didn’t see the light of day. It was rejected by five of the most respected recording companies that handle Irish music (you’ll have to buy the album to find out which ones!), as too big to handle and difficult to market. Considering Tansey’s stature and the respect that fluters everywhere have for him, this is hard to understand.

Anyway, which Michael Lord of the Dance Flatley’s sponsorship, a small group of friends artesanally produced the 3 CDs, about three and a half hours of music and narration. The result is… a long album, and something that you will probably want to set time apart to listen to, carefully.

If you haven’t been introduced to Seamus Tansey’s playing, this is a far better album to start with than the more easily available--but inferior--Easter Snow. If you already know and like him, than you will love this album.

Here Seamus is obviously trying to set down his legacy, recalling his first notes on the tin whistle and the later years of playing Irish music when it was uncool in Ireland, explaining his musical values, and illustrating everything with forcefull music.

Seamus Tansey plays flute, “3/4 flute” and whistles. Josie McDonagh, Brendan Drury and May Dodd Hernon contribute competent bodhran, handstruck. John Cokley and Phil Cunningham show up sometimes on piano and organ.

Available from Custy’s ( and other fine places.

Available again…..

This 3-CD set is now available from Claddagh Records in Dublin.

The 2nd reel on Track 5 is called “Reevey’s” reel on the CD title listing. Composer Ed Reavy named it as “The Street Player”, so I’ve altered it, as “Reevey’s” doesn’t really tell you much.

2nd jig on track 10 is not commonly called “The Kid On The Mountain” - more usually known as “Coleman’s Cross”

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Re: The Phantom Shadows Of A Connaught Firelight (1 Of 3)

Track 5 is listed as ‘F.D. Revilles’ on my copy!

I’d forgotten how this album’s booklet and track listings had clearly been proofread by someone who’d only just come into contact with the English language.

However, I have corrected the album’s title which has missed its ‘light’ for seventeen years.

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