New Leaves On An Old Tree

By Caswell Carnahan

  1. Rathdrum Fair (Mick Fitzgerald)
  2. The Galbally Farmer
    The Blarney Pilgrim
  3. The Girl I Left Behind
    The Girl Who Broke My Heart
  4. The Tipsy Sailor’s Farewell To Ireland
  5. Robin Hood And The Pedlar
  6. The Whistling Thief
    The Pigeon On The Gate
    Tatter Jack Walsh
  7. Madam I’m A Darlin’
  8. Breton Air (Mick Fitzgerald)
  9. The False Lover Won Back (trad. Lyrics With New Music By Caswell Carnahan)
  10. Black Jack Davy
    The Jug Of Punch
    The Shepherd’s Crook
    Tiree Hallowes

Four comments

"New Leaves on an Old Tree" by Chris Caswell & Danny Carnahan

with guests:
Kate Wolf, vocal harmony
Sylvia Woods. non-Celtic Harp
Michael Gravina, uilleann pipes

Chris Caswell: flute, whistle, alto & tenor recorders, concertina, Highland pipes, bodhran, Highland drum & vocal harmonies.

Danny: fiddle, octave mandolin, mandolin, guitar & vocals.

I studied Irish & Scottish Music in World Music Classes with multi-instrumentalist Danny Carnahan in the 80s in California and then he took off to pursue his growing career with his Irish Group, "Wake the Dead." Yet he is, at heart, a strong traditionalist (as can be ascertained by his choice of stock tunes) but spins them in original ways and has interested many in the traditional tunes of Ireland & Scotland. I’m glad he’s embracing the old tunes once again as demonstrated by this album.
His voice is as astonishing as his hands—as is evidenced in the his haunting YouTube acapella solo, "Turas Go Tir Na N’Og."

A sample of his traditional fiddle playing of The Monaghan Jig & Pipe in the Hob (such as in this album above) can also be heard on YouTube :

In fact, Danny plays it just as he taught it to me. Ah, those tunes. The Monaghan Jig & Pipe in the Hob!

Track from this album on mp3 downloads

While searching for the traditional songs on this album not in your database, I came up with the link above and will contact Danny to see if I upload information about the traditional songs. Notation is the simplest task for me, it’s just finding out information about these obscure songs that’s harder but maybe Danny can tell me?

"I’m glad he’s embracing the old tunes once again as demonstrated by this album."

Sorry, but this album was first released in 1981, then re-released on CD along with most of "Borderlands" (1982) in 1995 (Gargoyle Recordings, GAR 70103).

Thank you Michael, for correcting me!

Sorry, I’ve been out of it soooo long and in Texas in whole century too. But it’s never too late to jump back in with the music? I appreciate your corrections and note you are from Northern California (Danny Carnahan’s Territory) in the Celtic Fusion Band "Greenhouse." You are certainly more up-to-date than I and I DO apologize for my error and gratefully thank you, Michael for your knowledgeable input!