Night And Day

By Brett Lipshutz And Randy Lee Gosa

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  1. Miss Galvin’s
    Ran’s Dirty Vans
  2. Anach Chuain
    Mimi And The New Generation #1
  3. The Skillet Pot
    Kitty Lie Over
    Cailleach An Airgead
  4. Rossignolet Sauvage
  5. The Humours Of Toomagh
    Bean An Ti Ar Lar
  6. Bed On Rice
  7. Slow Air
  8. The Belleville
    John J. Kimmel’s Favorite
  9. Island Wedding Polka #1
  10. Sirba Mit Harbster Bletlekh
    Trip To The Deli
  11. The Fox On The Prowl
    The Crock Of Gold
  12. Valse Matique
    Valse Mineure De Jean Bergheaud

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Brett Lipshutz ~ flute
Randy Lee Gosa ~ guitar

“The contrasts are stark on this recording: old and new, fast and slow, stripped-down solo airs and multi-tracked arrangements. It could as well have been called Chalk and Cheese, and so could the duo themselves: one big and hairy, and the other less so. A combination of extremes, meeting perfectly in the middle, Lipshutz and Gosa are a class act and desrve to be widely heard. Very highly recommended. Check out”
- Alex Monaghan (Folk World) (Irish Music Magazine)

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