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This album was recorded July 24, 2010, in the farmhouse of Steve (Smitty) Smith, Cynthia Smith and Murphy (woof!). The engineer brought his equipment and the entire front rooms of the house were crammed with "stuff", instruments, cases, mics, soundboards, drinks, etc. The poor dog lost all his "laying down" spots that day.

It hit 105 degrees that day, and even with the AC blasting, it was still hot. The horses were just sweating bullets outside…broke my heart. We just pounded down drinks. This pesty fly was attracted to my shiny whistle and flew around my hands. GGGRR! The dog decided that Michael was in his "spot" and circled around his legs. Bob wore out his fingernails, etc.

It was really hard to concentrate, but we were determined to get it all done, and ta da! We did….all in one day. We had rehearsed for months.

Our kitchen table has often been the place where our musical guests/friends will sit around and play, in our big, old-fashioned country kitchen. Hence, the name Smitty’s Kitchen.

We hope you enjoy our music. We enjoy playing it!

If you are interested in buying a cd or downloading it, you should type Smitty’s Kitchen in your browser and you’ll find links for CDBaby, Amazon, DigStation, Itunes, Alltunes, and several more.

It occurs to me that is might be nice to mention that Smitty’s Kitchen is Bob Bender on guitar, his daughter, June, our fiddler, Michael Copeland on wooden flute and whistle, Tom Gittelman on mandolin, concertina, and bouzouki, Cynthia Smith on whistle and piano, Steve (Smitty) Smith on bodhran and bones.

We may be welcoming a fiddler/harpist, as well as a banjo/cittern player to our group and we’re exited about playing with them, and hope to have them on our next recording, which we are planning to have completed early next year.

So look for us then.

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Smitty’s Kitchen

Really nice CD and my composition is on it :D

Smitty’s Kitchen

We are at it again, working on another recording…With some fresh faces who have spent time around the kitchen table….Kirsten Erwin on flute, Tom Kingston on whistle, bouzouki and guitar, Linda Pirolli on fiddle….And maybe a surprise guest player or two! It should be finished mid-2012.