Chasing The New Moon

By Sarah Bauhan

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  1. The Balintore Fancy
    The Duke Of Leinster
  2. Road To Kerrigouarch
    Lo Ceu N’a Creat
    Breton Gavotte
  3. Deerfoot
    Alvah Batchelder’s
  4. The Sadness Of Some
    The Trowie Burn
  5. Trotting To Larne
    The Dusty Windowsill
  6. Vals Efter Manneberg
    Another Amelia’s
  7. Kay Girroir
    Joe’s Toes
  8. First Night In Connecticut
  9. Kantara To El-Arish
    No.3 Calrossie House
  10. Brianna Morrissey
    Poor Auld Woman
    Reel De Madame Jobin
  11. The Homecoming
  12. Lament For Elizabeth Ann Forbes
  13. Chasing The New Moon

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Sarah Bauhan

I’m very surprised that none of Sarah Bauhan’s recordings have been posted here yet. I heard the title track played on BBC Radio Scotland’s "Travelling Folk" programme some years ago [ this was recorded in 1991 ], so bought the CD on the strength of that. Sarah plays flute and whistles, and this CD has tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Sweden, and North American traditions. A very accomplished player.

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