Force 6 (Increasing Gale 9)

By Windy Gyle Band

  1. Money For Nothing
    Captain Bover
    Reed House Rant
  2. Ashleigh Mann’s Birthday
    Parnell’s March
  3. The Swan
    The Tea
    The Roaring Barmaid
  4. Miss Forbes’ Farewell To Banff
    Dunstanburgh Castle
  5. Three Sharp Knives
    Risty Gulley
    Busty Gulley
  6. Alistair J. Sim
    French Canadian 4 Step
  7. The Old Morpeth Rant
    Da Road To Houll
    Flaming Umbrella
    Jock Wilson Of Fenton
  8. The Patchwork
    Mr. Kennedy North
    Willy Taylor’s Fiddle
  9. The Rowan Tree
    Leaving Lismore
  10. The Boreal Owl
    Trip To Brittany
    Valley Of The Moon
  11. Buttered Parsnips
    Dr. Robb’s Dancing Feet
    Amber Lay-by
  12. Heroes Of Glencoe
    Bill Sutherland
  13. Young Scotty
    The Quarryman
    The Little Burnt Tattie
    The Lemonville

Four comments

Windy Gyle Band

A very nice showcase of tunes in, or in the idiom of, the Northumbrian tradition. I intend to return to this thread to give fuller details concerning contacts, tune attributions and so on.

Windy Gyle Band

This is a get-together of musicians in North-East England, led by veteran Northumbrian Pipes revivalist Anthony Robb.

The players on this album are:

Anthony Robb (pipes, fiddle
Heather Robb (pipes, fiddle)
Nikki Williamson (fiddle, pipes)
Ged Lawson (guitar, pipes)
Alice Burn (pipes)
Paul Knox (fiddle, pipes)

- Plus guests:

Jimmy Little (mouth organ)
Ruth Ball (fiddle)
Emily Hoile (clarsach, harp)

The following tunes are, or may well be, recent compositions regarding which composers’ rights should be respected:

Money For Nothing (N. Williamson)
Ashleigh’s Hornpipe (P. A. V. Knox)
The Swan (C. McKay)
The Tea Jig (E. Hoile)
The Roaring Barmaid (A. Sullivan)
Dunstanburgh Castle (W. Miller)
Alistair J. Sim (W. Taylor)*
Da Road To Houll (T. Anderson)*
Flaming Umbrella (N. Williamson)
Jock Wilson Of Fenton (B. Anderson)
The Patchwork Polka (I. Peterson)
Robertson’s Reel (T. Anderson)*
Willy Taylor’s Fiddle (I. Robertson)
The Boreal Owl (P.Cranford)
Trip To Brittany (M.McGoldrick)
Valley Of The Moon (A. Frazer)
Buttered Parsnips (N. Williamson)
Dr. Robb’s Dancing Feet (S. Hardy)
Amber Lay-by (N.Williamson)
Bill Sutherland (A. Rennie)*
Young Scotty (C. Sherrit)
The Quarryman (C.Sherrit)
The Lemonville Jig (J.C.Hayes)

*I include these tunes by the late Tom Anderson, Willy Taylor and - more distantly in time - Adam Rennie, because I do not know whether or not their compositions are in the public domain for recording purposes, and thought it best to stay on the safe side.

Should you wish to buy a copy of this album or find out more about the Windy Gyle Band, contact one or other of the following e-mail addresses:

…As for the album title, I assume it refers to the six regulars having their impact increased by the three guests!

Great album

Lots of great music here. It’s in constant rotation on my ipod. Their first recording is great too.