Storm In A Teacup

By Harem Scarem

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  1. Southside Blues
  2. The Chief
    Ross & Eilidh’s Wedding Present
    Fattig Anka
  3. The Locks Of Athy
    Ode To Duaine Eddy
  4. Maybe I Should
  5. Auchengowan
    Da Lounge Bar
  6. Jock’s At Least 40
    The Jinkin’ Mermaid
    Bonnie Banchory
  7. Is It The Sea?
  8. Sad Times
  9. Fade Away
  10. Good Men’s Shoes
    El Cumbanchero

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Inge Thomson ~ accordion, vocals, percussion
Sarah McFadyen ~ fiddle, vocals, banjo
Eilidh Shaw ~ fiddle, vocals
Ross Martin ~ guitar

Donald Hay ~ drums
Faisal Rahman ~ drums
Duncan Lyall ~ bass
Kevin McGuire ~ bass
Rick Taylor ~ trombone, sousaphone

Harem Scarem’s third studio album continues to showcase their individual musicianship and instrument mastery, but has a more mature and considered approach to the songs which only comes with experience.

The band, trimmed down to a four piece — Sarah McFadyen, Eilidh Shaw, Ross Martin and Inge Thomson — are joined by an impressive group of guests, including ‘Trombone Daddy’ Rick Taylor (Peatbog Faeries), who adds some tasteful textures, Donald Hay (Mystery Juice) and Kevin McGuire (Eddi Reader band, Dean Owens band).

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