Live At Stockfisch Studio

By Beoga

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  1. Dipper’s Dilemma
  2. Factory Girl
  3. Jazzy Wilbur
    The Narrowback
  4. Forscarbaken
    Mickey The Pipes
    Trip To Cullenstown
  5. Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
  6. Jack Maguire’s
    The Heather Breeze
  7. Both Sides The Tweed
  8. Bill Harte’s
    Blue Eyes
    A Lovely Madness
  9. A Delicate Thing
  10. Soggy’s
  11. Prelude
    Paddy’s Polka No. 2
  12. The Solid Man
  13. Dirty Work

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Live At Stockfisch Studio

This CD was recorded in 2010 at Günter Pauler’s Stockfisch Studios in Northeim, Germany. Most songs and tunes had been published on the first two Beoga CDs, Mischief and A Lovely Madness but were re-recorded.
This is a hybrid CD: it is in Super Audio format but also plays in a standard CD player.
Highlight for me is Both Sides the Tweed.

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