Sligo Fiddle (Disk 1)

By John Vesey

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Slight Change of Tune Titles

I’ve just been listening to the CD. The first tune is Bonnie Kate, but since it says Bonnie Kate’s, it doesn’t link to that tune.

Same with 12A which is Byrne’s Hornpipe, but is identified differently here.

I haven’t listened to all of it yet, so I may be back.

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I edited the tracklist so it links up with the sheetmusic better. I updated "The Apples in Winter" as "The Connemara Stockings" & changed the question marks back to apostrophes (must have happened due to a software issue)

track 3, first reel (McFaddens)

linked to the wrong tune ("The Glass of Beer").
The tune in this recording is "John McFadden’s Favourite" (also known simply as "McFadden’s Reel")
here the right link:

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Re: Sligo Fiddle (Disk 1)

I believe the first on on 15 (Finley’s) is Galway Rambler.