Home Is Where The Coach Is CD1

By Sgoil Chiuil Na Gaidhealtachd

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  1. Sputnik In Glenshiel
    Turbo Shandy
    The Tonder Jukebox
  2. Tha Boidaig Aig Mac Thomas
    Suid A Rud A Thogadh Fonn
  3. David Taylor’s
  4. Blue Murder
  5. Duncan MacKinnon Of Cnoc-na Cliebh
  6. Leezie Lindsay
  7. Father John MacMillan Of Barra
    Rocking The Baby
    Davy Webster’s 40th
  8. The Alford Cattle Show
  9. Ho Ro Chan Eil Cadal Orm
  10. The Rizla
    The Grey Dog
    Give It A Wee Try
  11. Uncle Albert’s
  12. Awkward Annie
  13. Farewell To Nigg

Two comments

Plockton School students

This is the CD produced by 2009 - 2010’s sixth year students at the National School Of Excellence in Traditional Music in Plockton on the west coast of Scotland, currently under threat of closure - see "Discussions" section at the moment.
The title is a pun on the "Battlefield Band" album, "Home Is Where The Van Is", because students from the school did a fair bit of travelling to perform last year, including their first-ever inclusion in the programme at Glasgow’s "Celtic Connections".
The students did all the playing, arranging and recording themselves, ably guided by director Dougie Pincock, and tutor Jack Evans.
There is also a 2nd CD produced by the younger students and I will post that next.
The CDs can be obtained through the school’s website :
I have to declare an interest here, as I am one of the current Plockton tutors, although both CDs were recorded before I joined the team last September. There can be no better concrete example of why the School should be allowed to continue than these CDs. If the students are capable of creating music like this while still in their teens, what will they be capable of in the future ?
If you read this in the next 5 days, please consider supporting the school by signing the petition - links are provided in the 2 discussions.
As for the CDs, the standard of playing and singing is excellent throughout.

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