Cat Out Of The Bag

By Beverwyck String Band

  1. Miss Monahan’s
    Reel Confusion
    Wissahikon Drive
  2. Paddy On The Railroad
    Father Kelly’s
    St. Antoine’s
  3. Swedish Wedding March From Malung
  4. Hudson River Steamboat
    Sackett’s Harbor
  5. Vitamin C
    Mug Of Brown Ale
    The Joy Of My Life
  6. Vinton’s
    President Garfield’s
  7. Salbohedsvalsen
  8. Wizard’s Walk
    Growling Old Man Old Woman
  9. Gaspe
    Da Tushkar
  10. Wedding Waltz For Will And Melissa
  11. Big Tom’s Farewell
    Dunford’s Fancy
  12. Spootiskerry
    Cat Out Of The Bag
  13. Lullaby For Sophia

Two comments

Beverwyck String Band

From the CD notes: “Kristen Brunner Hislop, Britany Orlebecke and Peter Siegel met in Albany, New York in 1993 and have been playing together as the Beverwyck String Band ever since. Named after the 17th century Dutch town on the Hudson River that later became known as Albany, the band brings their energy and enthusiasm for traditional dance music to contra dances and events throughout the Northeast and beyond.”

The group finds it harder to get together since Kristen moved to Saratoga Springs and Peter to the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, but various subsets get together on an irregular basis.